Marketing Through Radio – Is It Still Effective?

Modern marketing mediums like television and the Internet have become highly influential over the last decade. However, there is no reason to consider that radio has lost its earlier acceptance and significance. In fact, a popular and catchy jingle on the radio is still very efficient in creating a desirable brand representation in the minds of the listener.

Types Of Radio Advertisements

In the initial days, radio was used as a medium of delivering news. With the progress of time, commercials started getting delivered via radio. Basically, two types of radio advertisements are used to market a product or service– live reads and produced spots.

Commercials that are “live reads” are the ones where the spot of an advertiser is read on the air, either from personal knowledge or from a script.

Commercials that are “produced spots” are the ones where the spot of an advertiser is recorded with jingles, dialogues, and background music.


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Radio Marketing – How Is It Still Beneficial?

Here are the reasons why a business owner can still rely on marketing via radio advertisements in his quest to turn his targeted audience into ardent customers:

Variety – Each radio station has its own unique group of listeners. This gives a business owner the option to choose the radio station which is best suited to market his products and services.

Larger Audience – Radio has always been successful in attracting a wide range of audience – starting from construction workers to high-end businessmen. If the products and services of a business target every class of customers, then radio advertising is surely the most suitable option.

Effect – Spoken words make it easy for a listener to compose images related to the sound. Sound creates a greater impact on the mind of people, and this is why spoken words are simpler to remember than printed words.

Imagination – Radio only has an audio output. Although this can be considered a drawback initially, a video fails to induce the imaginative power of the listeners most of the times. As radio listeners are not shown any video, they get the freedom to visualize the contents of radio advertisements any way they feel like.

Cost Effective – The process of preparing television, Internet or print advertisements cost hundreds of dollars. There are also important arrangements like finding the studio, the actors, and the art directors. However, the entire cost of creating an advertisement and promoting it is less expensive when it is through a radio.

Time Efficient – Television, Internet and print advertisements can take a long time to prepare. If you decide to market your product or service through television, it takes at least one or two weeks in its planning and production. Advertising through the radio, however, is easy and fast.

Availability – Every car and cell phone comes with an in-built radio. People tend to switch on the radio while driving to office or driving back home. People using public transports are also regular listeners. This means that radio reaches thousands of people during the time of the day when they cannot access television or the Internet.

Internet Radio – Several radio stations broadcast simultaneously through the Internet. The radio ads do not only reach the local audience, but they also reach almost anybody in the world who has an access to the Internet.

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