How to Grow Your Business


A free consultation gives you the opportunity to connect with a person. During this conversation, you are able to prove that you are an expert in your field. You are able to deliver value before you “sell” your services.

Here are some tips for growing your business this way.

  1. Do not make this call seem like it’s a sales pitch.
  2. Explain that this session would normally cost X number of dollars so they understand the value you are offering.
  3. Don’t just wing it. In advance of the call, send the caller several questions so you can get crystal clear on their problems and pain points
  4. Make sure they understand the reason for the call.
  5. Solve a problem or give a unique perspective.
  6. Put a time limit on the call. If you decide to give a 15-minute consultation why not consider going to 30 minutes as a “bonus.”  In other words over-deliver.
  7. Ask if they felt the session gave them some steps they can start implementing. This gives you a testimonial, which you will proudly display.
  8. Write down their response and ask them if you can have an image to go along with their testimonial. This helps with social proof.
  9. Make an offer to continue working with you. Do not pressure them. This transition should flow once you know they found value in what you had to offer.

Your goal is to work with people who are a natural fit for you, your products and services.  Offering this free consultation will also give you valuable insight into what people in your niche are going through.

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