13 most beautiful hidden places in the world

There are many beautiful places in the world that are concealed from a huge number of tourists and nature lovers, which should attract the attention of many more people. We selected the next 13 places of our choice. If You feel that a place deserves more attention, leave Your comment.

1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia


most interesting places in the world
Of all of the waterfalls in the world, none are quite as extraordinary as those at Plitvice. Of course, I should say “series of waterfalls,” as this amazing natural ensemble is composed of 16 different terraced limestone lakes, with crystal clear water flowing from one to the next.

2. St. Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, England

most beautiful places in the world to visit


Perhaps you’ve heard of Mont Saint Michel, but what about its English cousin? With its castle and gardens rising proud from the waters of Mount’s Bay, St. Michael’s Mount is a beloved Cornish gem.

3. Samarkand, Uzbekistan (One of Central Asia’s Secret Places)

most amazing places to visit


History, legend, and beauty weave themselves together like a magical mirage in one of the most amazing places to visit, Samarkand. Home to ancient mosques and the mausoleum of the famous Tamerlane and titled by UNESCO as the Crossroads of Culture, this city exemplifies the wonders of the Silk Road.

4. The Dazu Rock Carvings, China


cool places on Earth

Stretching out through the mountainous domain of Dazu County, these extraordinary rock carvings pay homage to multiple religions, from Buddhism to Taoism, and date back over 1,000 years.

5. Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

secret places in the world


The Arctic typically conjures up images of cold, stark landscapes, yet even among secret places this should be a pleasant surprise. Leaving bleakness behind, this hotel has created these beautiful glass igloos in the midst of a forest, perfect for viewing clear Northern nights and their dancing lights.

6. Smoo Cave, Scotland


secret vacation spots
This massive seaside cave looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park, but don’t worry, the only thing lurking within its depths of one of the most interesting places in the world is a hidden waterfall that cascades 80 feet into the placid waters below.

7. Lake Baikal, Russia


30 Stunning Secret Places Most Tourists Don’t Know About-Lake Baikal
Holding about 20% of all the world’s freshwater, Baikal, the world’s oldest lake, is also one of the world’s largest. However, there’s more to Baikal than just being one of the pretty places in the world, its clear waters are home to a massively diverse range of marine life found nowhere else, including the world’s only freshwater seal.

8. Ruins of San Ignacio Mini, Argentina (One of the Most Unique Secret Places in the World)


30 Stunning Secret Places Most Tourists Don’t Know About-San Ignacio Mini
Built as a Jesuit mission in the early 17th century, San Ignacio survived for about two centuries before native inhabitants of the area destroyed it. The ruins are among several that stretch across Argentina and Brazil, and are considered to be the best.

9. Green Lake, Austria


Throughout the winter, this valley is mostly a park with a small lake, but when the warmth of spring comes the valley fills with the clearest of water to create a fleeting underwater kingdom and one of the great secret places in the world.

10. Dambulla Cave Temple


30 Stunning Secret Places Most Tourists Don’t Know About-Dambulla Cave Temple
Dating back over two millennia, this temple complex showcases some of the most beautiful and intricately carved Buddhist statues and decorations in Sri Lanka, all spread out over five extraordinary caves making it among the world’s most unique secret places.

11. Spanish Synagogue, Prague


30 Stunning Secret Places Most Tourists Don’t Know About-Spanish Synagogue
This cultural jewel is tucked away in Prague’s historic Jewish Quarter and contains some of the most fabulous displays of Moorish styled architecture and design in the world.

12. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, Northern Territory, Australia


30 Stunning Secret Places Most Tourists Don’t Know About-Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
This semi-arid land creates a dazzling display for the senses, from the towering red rocks that dot the landscape, to the Desert Oaks, wildflowers, and sporadic pools of water that crisscross this stunning natural wonder.

13. The Ruins of Sabratha, Libya


30 Stunning Secret Places Most Tourists Don’t Know About-Sabratha
Dating back over 2,500 years, Sabratha’s sprawling archeological site is most highly regarded for its astounding examples of Roman architecture, with the jewel of its collection being the great amphitheater.

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