Where We Might In Marketing Approach?

How much does it know to make the difference between Advertising and Marketing? How many of us really know what the exact task of marketing is?

We are flooded with various tools for advertising and promotion. Opportunities are much bigger, and we are still not satisfied with our performance and business. So what’s in the spring then?

The problem is in our attitude and approach. I will not immediately write what is the essence of marketing and what is actually his task. I’ll let you come to a conclusion. But I will explain to you the essence on the basis of which you will come to the conclusion that is correct.

Access to marketing and promotion of your work goes like this: “Let me do a little work and collect money and I will invest in marketing.” Or “I want to invest in marketing. How much is that? Is it enough 1000 Euros? “.

In such situations, count that there is none of it. This approach does not bring success or earnings that we all want.

In many texts on the Internet that deal with marketing, we can read the term “Get Into the Shoes of the Buyer”. Of course, we all know that it can not be interpreted in a literal sense. What does that mean?

Let’s start from the beginning. When deciding what to do or what type of service or product to offer to a market, you started from where you are good, what you would like to do and what you like personally. This means that you have evaluated yourself and made a decision based on your criteria and interests. This also works the brain and your potential customers or service users.

The market wants to spend money. He wants to spend it on something that is useful to him or to something that is right at this moment and does not need it, but at the moment he makes him happy and satisfied. People want to identify with what they buy.

The best way to determine your target group is to do it yourself! Find people like yourself and they will buy your product or service. Because you understand the best and speak the same language.

All of us who are dealing with a kind of sales, we think that our product or service is something that is very important and very interesting to the target market. Is that right?

We must not forget that people have basic needs such as eating, drinking water, sleeping, working, communicating and receiving new information (of course, gossiping and gossiping is receiving new information). Everything else is satisfying hedonistic needs and an additional cost.

So we are trying to make an extra cost to people in the target market, while being happy and satisfied.


To make people say “Let’s go live!” And buy what you offer, your service or product must have some value.

Values ​​can be: usefulness, current need, desire, hedonism, love, usability, functionality, applicability, specificity, exclusivity, specialty …

Advertising during advertising must perform the following tasks:

  • To draw attention,
  • To wake up the “Curious Child”,
  • To have a value,
  • To be understandable, clear and unambiguous and
  • To see the very ones they intended.

If we are urging people to do something that does not fit into their daily mechanical activities, count the response will be much lower than expected. People, besides all their desires and good will, can very easily give up something because they suddenly hate to move from the comfort zone.

So! Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Email, Influensers and others are not marketing. These are Advertising Tools, and advertising is just one part of marketing. The key to marketing is in what you sell, how you sell your approach to business and promotion. With these tools you just need to present all of the above. Make it visible and identify people with your product or service to make the decision to buy. And of course, they buy from you. Not from anyone else.

Every commodity has its customer. It’s just a question of how many of these customers are and how many customers are meeting you.

The risk is everywhere and always present. There is no greater or less. Risk is a risk. But if you want to avoid it in your life, then I do not know how you will spend a month.

By Jovan Vignjevic

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