Marketing trick that will guarantee you a boost in sales


If you came here in the hope of finding a magic pill, magic staff, Aladdin’s lamp, and so on, I have bad news for you.

The good news is that this trick exists, but the bad news is probably not what you thought.

There are too many people who read my texts and watch videos hoping to find a magic formula, a trick that will help them to have a higher reach, a better position at Gugl, lower advertisement prices … Even a lot of marketers who are subject to that visit and they write texts of the type “7 tricks that will increase your sales”.

Although there are people who have found a trick to screw up, either FB or Google algorithm, the problem is that all of these tricks are short-term and lasts until the algorithm changes. An additional problem with the tricks is that they create dependency, that feeling of happiness that takes you into account when you manage to trick the system, creates a permanent dependency on finding new tricks and shortcuts. In all this run-up for the holy grail of marketing, many forgetting where they actually went and finished just nowhere.

The real trick that will increase your sales is:

you try harder than the competition,

make a better product or service,

you work longer,

you hire the right people,

Understand the way your consumer is thinking,

understand the way in which social networks, google, email, newspapers are used … whatever,

to be consistent and persistent,

that you do not tread on your values, because of which you have begun to do something about it,

to be different ….

Do you think that whoever created this needed a trick?

The next time you come across a title that offers a trick, skip it because you will never get what you came for, because the trick is that there are no tricks and there are no shortcuts if you plan to be successful in your business.

Send this text to one person that would be useful and help her not to become addicted to tricks.


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