Explore Serbia: 10 lakes you should visit

Istražite Srbiju: 10 jezera koja bi trebalo da posetite

Serbia is a country of particular charm and authentic people. Numerous prehistoric sites are evidence to the prosperous life from the earliest times in this region.

Here you can find ancient Roman palaces, cities and bridges. Romans had left behind themselves rich cultural and historical heritance.

Serbian monasteries from XII and XIII century with their frescos have been made part of the world cultural heritage and are under UNESCO protection.

Serbian mountains are oasis of rich forests, clean air and limpid waters and waterfalls. In the middle of these oases, there are villages that carry on the traditions and customs and artisan work that has been handed over from father to son. To get to know Serbia you should get to know Serbian villages first. Typical cuisine of every region, with all its delicacies, can be tasted only on the spot.

Numerous lakes in Serbia are among the most beautiful in the world and you should definitely visit them. They enable you maximum rest and rehabilitation after difficult days of isolation from the corona virus (Covid-19), which almost did not touch Serbia.

Let’s go in order:

Map of the lakes of Serbia to which we take you today
    Djerdap Lake was created when the Djerdap 1 hydroelectric power plant was built in 1972. It is over 100 kilometers long, and 8 kilometers wide in the widest place.
Djerdap Lake
    The surface of the lake of 15 square kilometers is located in the southeast of Serbia. It is surrounded by the mountains Gramada, Vardenik and Čemernik, and on its shores there are three villages Vlasina Okruglica, Vlasina Rid and Vlasina Stojkovićeva. There are so-called floating islands made of peat on it.
Vlasina Lake
    Perućac Lake is located in the municipality of Srebrenica (Republika Srpska, BiH), and in the municipality of Bajina Bašta (Republic of Serbia). It was created by blocking the course of the river Drina, for the needs of the hydroelectric power plant “Bajina Basta”. In the natural bend of the canyon of the river Drina, it is surrounded by the planes Javor, Devetak, Zvijezda and Tara.
Perućac Lake
    Zlatarsko Lake, also known as Kokin Brod, is an artificial lake created in the valley of the river Uvac. Zlatarsko Lake has an area of 7.25 km2, a length of 21 km, while the average depth of the lake is 75 m. The lake is surrounded by the mountains Zlatar and Muretnica. The dam built on the lake is the largest stone dam in Europe.
Zlatarsko lake
    It is located near Zaovine, on Mount Tara, within the borders of Tara National Park, in western Serbia. it is artificially deep 110 m and “feeds” on water over the tributaries of the Konjska River and Beli Rzav.
Zaovinsko Lake
    They are located in southern Banat, one hundred kilometers east of Belgrade. Belocrkvanska lakes are Glavno, Vračevgajsko, Šaransko, Šljunkara… The lakes were created by digging gravel, so the water is transparent green, and the beaches are sandy.
Belocrkvanska Lake
    It is located 8 km from Subotica. The shore of the lake is about 17 km long and is arranged along its entire length, while in the summer months the water temperature is between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius.
Palić Lake
    This lake is actually a river tributary of the Danube, which in 1971 was blocked by an embankment in the upper course. It is located in the municipality of Veliko Gradiste (distance from Belgrade 120 km, from Pozarevac 34 km, from Smederevo 60 km). It has an area of 4.5 square kilometers, is 14 km long, 7-14 m deep (the deepest point is the so-called Head of Vrbnik 16.5 meters deep), and 380-450 m wide.
Srebrno (Silver) Lake
    It is located at the foot of the mountain Crni Vrh, 17 kilometers from Bor. It was created in 1959 when mountain watercourses were captured by a dam. At an altitude of 438 meters, the smooth surface of the lake water of 30 hectares is a mirror for the picturesque and magnificent beauty of the surrounding landscape.
Borsko Lake
    Lake Bovan is located on Sokobanjska Moravica near Bovno between Sokobanja and Aleksinac. The lake is an artificial accumulation created by the construction of a dam in 1978, in the system of regulation of the Morava basin and the hydroelectric power plant “Đerdap” with the task to keep the deposits of hilly and mountain rivers, and at the same time to accumulate large amounts of water.
    It is 8 km long, its maximum width is 500 m, and its depth is 50 m.
Lake Bovansko

And, that’s not all. Serbia is a beautiful country that you must visit and discover all its beauties. DISCOVER SERBIA!

Photos: Shutterstock & Wikimedia Commons

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