The perfect workweek

No wonder we’re envious. The French say employees should work 35 hours a week. Brits tend to be at their desks for 37.5 hours. Meanwhile, Americans typically spend 47 hours a week at work. Now, researchers have found the perfect number: 39 hours, according to a study from the Australian National University. "Long work hours erode a … Continue reading The perfect workweek

5 best ways to relax you at the weekend

We spend our working weeks in a frantic race against deadlines and battling an ever-growing to-do list. But while the Monday-Friday haul is all about maximising our productivity and efficiency, weekends should be a time to unwind. The most successful people at work reserve those precious 60 hours for relaxing and re-charging their batteries for the … Continue reading 5 best ways to relax you at the weekend

ADVENTURES – Day 12. – Novi Sad (Serbia) looks gorgeous

When it comes to Serbia, Belgrade gets all the attention. And I get it – the city is electrifying. The architecture is gorgeous, the nightlife is incredible, and the atmosphere is youthful and fun. But I think you’d be missing out if you went to Serbia and didn’t visit Novi Sad, about an hour north … Continue reading ADVENTURES – Day 12. – Novi Sad (Serbia) looks gorgeous

Best Day to Apply for a Job

For job seekers, Fridays shouldn’t be spent dreaming of the weekend, updating your fantasy football team or sneaking out for a long liquid lunch. Applying for a role at the end of the workweek could give you an edge over the competition. “Friday’s have traditionally been the day of the week when people wind down,” … Continue reading Best Day to Apply for a Job

How to Grow Your Business

A free consultation gives you the opportunity to connect with a person. During this conversation, you are able to prove that you are an expert in your field. You are able to deliver value before you “sell” your services. Here are some tips for growing your business this way. Do not make this call seem … Continue reading How to Grow Your Business