How to use Project Wonderful for free advertising

In addition to paid advertising, Project Wonderful also allows you to advertise your store (or site / blog) for free. The system is based on bidding for positions on sites that display advertisements, but often on some sites the positions are not filled, so they are available for free use. The $ 0 bid is limited to a maximum of 2 days, so this bidding system will take you a little longer than when you advertise through a paid campaign, but the price in money is ideal for someone who starts out and has little or no budget

The best 64 marketing ideas

Ready to grow your business? Try out these 64 creative marketing ideas: Promote your social media handles, even in person Join in on popular hashtags Create short, engaging Vine videos Pin your site images and graphics on Pinterest Keep tabs on competitors’ social profiles Try urban marketing like flyers, posters, and sidewalk chalk Commission a … Continue reading The best 64 marketing ideas

Working weekend: Yes or not !?

Weekends have an almost mythical place in the lives of the working man or woman. Those two days hold so much promise. In those approximate 48 hours, you can accomplish anything: partying, relaxing, sleeping, reading, running errands and so much more. The opportunity to finally achieve something the workweek has prevented is a priceless gift. … Continue reading Working weekend: Yes or not !?

8 compelling reasons why every tourism business needs a marketing strategy

When you think of marketing strategy, I’m sure you start to visualise a big bulky document that sits on the shelf, which makes you feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. When I think of marketing strategy, I see a dynamic plan that is pinned up on my board, which is highly focused, flexible and is … Continue reading 8 compelling reasons why every tourism business needs a marketing strategy

17 marketing campaigns for women

Today is International Women’s Day, which got me thinking about how women are represented in the marketing and advertising space. Now, I know plenty of brands have had a negative impact when it comes to women’s issues (remember that ‘beach body ready’ campaign?), but others are actually doing some good, so I’m going to focus on … Continue reading 17 marketing campaigns for women