About Television Advertising

Depending on the length of the ad, who produces the ad, the markets in which it airs -- as well as how many times it has been aired -- all decide how much television advertising costs. Commercials aired in local markets range anywhere from a few hundred dollars per ad, up to several thousand dollars, … Continue reading About Television Advertising

Why advertise on a radio station

Your market listens to the radio. The people who buy your product or use your service listen to the radio. In fact, close to 90% of the population listens to the radio. Radio is targeted. Each radio station is operated with specific market segments in mind, so despite there being many radio stations nationwide there … Continue reading Why advertise on a radio station

The perfect workweek

No wonder we’re envious. The French say employees should work 35 hours a week. Brits tend to be at their desks for 37.5 hours. Meanwhile, Americans typically spend 47 hours a week at work. Now, researchers have found the perfect number: 39 hours, according to a study from the Australian National University. "Long work hours erode a … Continue reading The perfect workweek

5 best ways to relax you at the weekend

We spend our working weeks in a frantic race against deadlines and battling an ever-growing to-do list. But while the Monday-Friday haul is all about maximising our productivity and efficiency, weekends should be a time to unwind. The most successful people at work reserve those precious 60 hours for relaxing and re-charging their batteries for the … Continue reading 5 best ways to relax you at the weekend

Best Day to Apply for a Job

For job seekers, Fridays shouldn’t be spent dreaming of the weekend, updating your fantasy football team or sneaking out for a long liquid lunch. Applying for a role at the end of the workweek could give you an edge over the competition. “Friday’s have traditionally been the day of the week when people wind down,” … Continue reading Best Day to Apply for a Job