These topics have slipped through my conversations with clients a hundred times!
What should and shouldn’t be expected from SEO?
In my opinion, the biggest 5 misconceptions are:

  1. First place on google – in ten years I have heard this request over 100 times from clients and the answer is always the same – no one can guarantee you first place on google! Unfortunately, this type of advertising exists with some companies, which guarantee something, and in practice it turns out that the client is deceived. It is important to be transparent and explain exactly what you can and cannot do.
  2. Short-term effects – Except on really rare occasions, the effects of SEO are long-term and do not manifest over a period of a few weeks, let alone a few days, as some clients expect. You need to be patient for quality optimization and achieving effects.
  3. Once done SEO is enough – this can be in a totally uncompetitive niche, but that’s the question. Everything is changing, the google algorithm, the competition, the market, and therefore the rankings are changing, and the fact that someone has achieved a great result does not mean that he should stop there and not touch anything in the coming years.
  4. Misconceptions about the connection between SEO and SEM – Whether we view SEO as part of SEM or as a separate area, it is important to use both channels in the right way. Site optimization for search engines and google ads can be used simultaneously and give the best results in synergy.
  5. Work on site optimization is enough – No, because there is offsite SEO, which is also important, backlinking, PR texts … what is important is to be linked to “strong” and relevant sites, which will definitely help you for ranking.
    These are 5 misconceptions that I would point out and that appear to me convincingly most often in conversations with potential clients.
    There are more, feel free to add them to the list

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