In the business world, it all comes down to brand. The brand is what is behind the back and giving support. A brand is what people recognize and what they attach to. Many of us strive to have a distinctive logo, a slogan, to strive for simplicity in order to be recognizable and desirable. Recently I came across one great text that says: FORGET TO LOGO! People pay so much attention to forgetting what’s really important: A story around a brand that will emotionally connect with end users. This is far more important than the logo itself or the branding of the company. In my opinion, an even more important thing in the business world is people, with all their knowledge and visions, because in fact people form one company. People can also be a brand for themselves, who also build their personal brand company-wide. These are two unbreakable bonds. People can also stand in front of the brand.

Personal brand is extremely important

Imagine standing in front of a large corporation, a building you don’t see the end of. Who to contact? Who are the people who work in it? Is it just a system of some programmed people or do real human souls work with it, with all its virtues and disadvantages? Do you recognize anyone? In fact, who do you want to contact and why? It is difficult to answer these questions, precisely because it is dominated by the system, possibly one individual and of course the brand. And where are you?

Personal brand is extremely important, especially in a world dominated by the internet. Whether you are in the corporation itself or you are an associate of the company, you should work on yourself and your personal business development. It is still incomprehensible to me that many quality people have been doing great things for years in the business without many people knowing about them, or few people knowing about them. Because all that is good is always going through the scanner and then there is a ‘demand’ for the people behind those stories. In my opinion, this is very bad because all your work, talent and effort is taken over by the brand itself. To be understood, a brand will always be present if you are attached to it, which is why if you let the brand eat you, you will always remain in the background. People who do great things you don’t see at conferences, panels, interviews, TV, etc. These things are reserved for executives, PRs, or some third parties with new fictional positions in companies. It is very important to take personal preferences around personal branding as well, and these can be a lack of desire to come to the fore, lack of talent for public speaking, shyness or simply no ambition. And that’s all right. This is for those who want to make a brand of themselves.

Personal branding and reputational risk

If you are not in the group of people who wants to work for themselves and create a brand, then you have probably brought a great deal on the subject, and therefore left it all to the brand or company. Personal branding does not mean that you will have more work or be constantly under the light of the stage, but it means that you will be profiling yourself as a professional in the work you do, and thus open some doors to new challenges. Being recognized in your business is like putting a sign of equality between your name and your business. The goal of your little sack engagement and branding of your personality is that when someone says John Smith, the Lawyer immediately thinks, and vice versa, when one lawyer comes to mind, he immediately remembers John Smith. So John Smith = Lawyer, then Lawyer = John Smith. That sign of equality is your strongest weapon that you can have with you, which is only yours and that no one can take away from you… by yourself. How?

Building a personal brand carries with it certain risks. The reputation you gain should be maintained and controlled. The credibility you build should be on sound footing. As trust is hard to gain and easy to lose, it is even more pronounced in the business world, given the fact that the business itself is unscrupulous, competitive and profit-oriented. That is why the reputation can be damaged, and the good news is that it depends on you and your presentation, the direction in which you build your personal brand and how you present that reputation to the business, but also to the public. In this, a very important role is played by the decision-making procedure and considering the potential reputational risks of such decisions and actions. To be more specific. If you are an employee of a company, follow social events, you, just like anyone in this country, have their own views on a particular topic. Many allow themselves to comment on the same topics, unaware that it is not their area of ​​action and knowledge. It is quite ok to have an opinion, which is why it is not quite ok to make every opinion public, aware of the fact that you do not know much or enough about it, that is, that it is not your portion of knowledge. Why? Because one knows more about the subject and someone more competent to give judgment. So, if you bumped into commenting on phenomena that are not close to you, you immediately went to the sidewalk where you are waiting for those who know more about it. Many who have succeeded in reaching a certain level of recognition in a particular industry often make mistakes in public speaking because they allow themselves to get involved in things that are not their domain of expertise. You guessed it, the negative comments started right away, which, in combination with the haters, causes you to come to the fore in the negative, which is absolutely no use to you.

Reviewing Reputational Risk

There are sets of questions you can ask yourself before any public action:

  1. How much do I know about it?
  2. How and where will I market it?
  3. Who are my friends on social networks?
  4. In what context do I want to express my opinion?
  5. How does this directly affect me, my company?
  6. How does this indirectly affect me, my company?
  7. Who is behind the story I want to express an opinion on?
  8. Do I have information to support my views?
  9. Have I researched enough on the subject?
  10. How important is it for me to express my views at this point? Etc….
    So these are just some of the questions you can ask to help you decide whether or not this is your topic.

A personal niche of action

… Is what you are best at. That niche should be your territory of action and knowledge. In that niche, you swim the most. In that niche you become recognizable. I know this is the hardest thing to find because there are many related jobs where there are already certain people who have occupied these niches. If you race with them you will face many challenges. However, this is not impracticable either, it just needs to make a meaningful difference and make a difference to the competition. When you manage to define that niche, you are well on your way to building your own personal brand that will benefit you. Building a personal brand indirectly creates demand for you, so instead of you initiating new jobs, it is very likely that inquiries for new jobs will come to you, and that position is very good.

What is important to know?

As with everyone in the business, you need to have a plan and steps that, in perspective, will lead you to become recognizable, that is, to build an image that follows you. These steps are important, and more importantly, stick to them. Here are some:

  1. Define the goal
  2. Choose the best social network and the best tools for yourself
  3. Start your own website or blog
  4. Create your own recognizable content
  5. Be critical of the topics you are best at (criticism can be good or bad)
  6. Being constant in performance, etc … Of course, the steps are defined individually according to the personality of the person and his desires. All this should be in line with the company where you work, because “You should never pee in a well from which you drink water”, and if you are free in the labor market and open to new business offers, then your personal brand will potentially bring you such offers because all you do on the internet is your online CV.

I could write more about this, but it’s not okay to take a long enough text. If you understand the point of the text and change the view of yourself, then you have the potential to go for personal branding.

For anyone who wants to work on personal branding, I am ready to assist through one-on-one consultations.

If you want to start building your personal brand, let’s get to know you and talk about it. Show initiative, that’s the first prerequisite.

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