Explore Serbia: 10 lakes you should visit

Serbia is a country of particular charm and authentic people. Numerous prehistoric sites are evidence to the prosperous life from the earliest times in this region. Here you can find ancient Roman palaces, cities and bridges. Romans had left behind themselves rich cultural and historical heritance. Serbian monasteries from XII and XIII century with their frescos have been made part of the world cultural heritage and are under UNESCO protection. Serbian mountains are oasis of rich forests, clean air and limpid waters and waterfalls. In the middle of these oases, there are villages that carry on the traditions and customs and artisan work that has been handed over from father to son. To get to know Serbia you should get to know Serbian villages first. Typical cuisine of every region, with all its delicacies, can be tasted only on the spot. Numerous lakes in Serbia are among the most beautiful in the world and you should definitely visit them. They enable you maximum rest and rehabilitation after difficult days of isolation from the corona virus (Covid-19), which almost did not touch Serbia. Let's go...


In the business world, it all comes down to brand. The brand is what is behind the back and giving support. A brand is what people recognize and what they attach to. Many of us strive to have a distinctive logo, a slogan, to strive for simplicity in order to be recognizable and desirable. Recently I came across one great text that says: FORGET TO LOGO! People pay so much attention to forgetting what's really important: A story around a ...

How to use Project Wonderful for free advertising

In addition to paid advertising, Project Wonderful also allows you to advertise your store (or site / blog) for free. The system is based on bidding for positions on sites that display advertisements, but often on some sites the positions are not filled, so they are available for free use. The $ 0 bid is limited to a maximum of 2 days, so this bidding system will take you a little longer than when you advertise through a paid campaign, but the price in money is ideal for someone who starts out and has little or no budget

5 Tips for Better PPC Budgeting in 2020

PPC budgeting might not be the sexiest topic, but being a good steward of your budget can have major impacts on your PPC performance. Budget considerations usually go by the wayside when there are lots of other new, trendy topics to focus on, like a new ad format, targeting type, or new channel. But staying on top of your budget can be more impactful—and more profitable—than trying out any of these new tactics. That’s why in 2020, I’d love for one of your PPC resolutions to be centered around your budgeting.