Fun Easter Marketing Ideas for Business

Сродна слика

Easter might be a sacred religious holiday for some. For others, Easter is all about colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, and baskets filled with presents that have kids waking up at 4am to see what they got! It’s also an opportunity for your business to gain a little extra exposure so that you can maximize your profits during the holiday season, no matter what your perspective might be.

The place to begin is to see how you can transition your goods or services toward this niche holiday. You might not be able to create specific Easter-themed products, but you could offer chocolates to customers who purchase certain items as an incentive. Here are some other good ways to get a little extra attention during the Easter season.

1. Focus On Lent Too
How can you market your goods or services if they’re something that someone might give up for Lent? Focus on promoting the value of what you’ve got to offer before Lent begins and you’ll have people give up something else for the season so that your profits stay high.

2. Build Relationships
A lot of people eat fish on Fridays during the Easter season as a means of fasting and if you can relate to this practice, then you’ll form fast relationships with people who will want to do business with you. It might mean eating a lot of fish sandwiches for awhile during Friday meetings, but it’ll be worth it at the end.

3. Sponsor Easter Events
Kids love the Easter season and so do their parents when there are community events they can attend. Try sponsoring an event like an Easter egg hunt that will get your brand out to people locally. Provide unique prizes that can be found that may bring traffic through your doors after the holiday season ends too.

4. Create a Loyalty Program
Every holiday is an opportunity to thank your customers for their loyalty and small gifts that you surprise them with will help to reinforce the relationships that you’ve been building. It could be something as simple as a small gift certificate that can redeem for more of your services, coupons, or even an offer that expires after Easter is over. The choice is up to you in this idea, but you may find that some ideas are better than others as gifts.

5. Hold a Contest
If you have advertising materials that get regularly printed, then include Easter themed contests to encourage participation. Put a bunch of Easter bunnies on your materials and ask people to text or email you the number they find. Give a correct answer and get an exclusive discount on the goods/services that you provide.

6. Don’t Forget To Decorate
First impressions are always important and any Easter marketing plan won’t fully succeed if your place of business isn’t fully decorated to show off the holiday spirit. You don’t have to go crazy and create a new home for the Easter bunny, but a few items that would communicate you care about the holiday in your own unique way will create the visual impact your customers will want to see.

7. Change the Look of Your Website
Changing themes online can help establish the holiday spirit just as effectively as a stuffed Easter bunny in the waiting room. You don’t even need to use specific graphics to make it happen! This holiday is all about pastel color schemes, so light greens and pinks can help to communicate love for the holiday on all its own.

8. Push Email Marketing
Holiday seasons have people looking for the best deals possible, which means you’ve got a good opportunity to target email list building. Offer something of value, like a deep Easter discount on a specific product or service, in return for an email address. Then use that email to market valuable information and even more discounts throughout the year that people will love.

9. Don’t Forget About Social Media
Easter is well loved on social media platforms and you can easily participate in this process by posting Easter graphics to your page. Include links with the graphics to Easter portions of your website to encourage higher levels of web traffic and maybe even a few extra conversions. Don’t forget to communicate regularly with people when they comment on the submitted images or videos to keep establishing those relationships.

10. Consider an Easter PPC Campaign
Easter is the perfect time for a Pay Per Click campaign because there are a number of people spending more time on the internet to hunt for deals. You’ll get added exposure, especially if your campaign includes an incredible deal.

11. Create a Social Sensation
People love funny videos and images online so take advantage of this fact by basing your Easter marketing campaign on this. Have people send images to your social media pages about the candy they eat, the problems they have dying Easter eggs, or problems their kids had during an Easter egg hunt. Have a public voting contest, hand out awards for the best images, and encourage a lot of sharing so that you get maximum exposure.

12. Create Your Own Easter Baskets
Your own Easter baskets could be the perfect gift someone needs to give to a loved one, friend, or acquaintance. Even if you just provide a service as your business, you can put in discount codes, coupons, cards, or other items that are related to your business to encourage a purchase of the basket.

13. Get Your Employees Involved
Your employees can make incredible Easter ambassadors if they’re given the right kind of motivation. You could hold an employee referral contest and hand out bonuses to the winners. You can have a team-building event that gives them a day of pay without a day of work. It can just be a simple thank you gift too! If morale is high, your employees will implement all of your Easter marketing ideas without hesitation.


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